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MBA Heaven: Applying to Business School
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Choosing Business Schools: Criteria, Criteria, Criteria!

choosing business schools

Choosing a set of target business schools is a complex decision. Since top schools accept less than 20% of applicants, you'll want to apply to at least four or five. Not only will you have to weigh the academic characteristics of each institution, but also their compatibility with your personal circumstances, preferences, and values. Given the range of variables, it shouldn't come as a surprise than many applicants have trouble choosing business schools. To help you get started, read on! You'll find plenty of information about various criteria that can help you narrow down the list.

graduate school rankings School Rankings

We all know that Harvard, Stanford and Wharton are all considered top business schools. But, sometimes, they're not at the top for particular fields, or according to certain publications... Read more »

graduate school research MBA Concentrations

Most business schools have adopted a general management education approach but still offer room for specialization. These specializations – sometimes referred to as MBA concentrations – are selected formally or informally through your choice of elective courses... Read more »

graduate school funding Costs & Funding

Like most people, you probably care (intensely) about business school costs and funding opportunities. And you wouldn't be the first person to make decisions about where to go based on money... Read more »

self-assessment Self-Assessment

Socrates believed in the maxim "know thyself" and you should too. Spending some time upfront to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses will pay dividends in the business school selection process. If you earned your undergraduate degree from an Ivy League school with straight "As" and have outstanding work experience... Read more »

how to pick schools Other Criteria

The factors that go into picking business schools should mirror your own individual preferences and personality. Besides rankings, concentrations, costs, and your own background, there are lots of other reasons why you might pick one school over another... Read more »





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